Dienstag, 9. April 2013

No lazy here....

No, I am not incurably lazy, but I guess, because I get such little response on this blog, I often simply forget to post new events. I have been busy as of late. My newest craze is upcycling, for one, because I have many clothes I hardly ever wear, secondly, because it saves a lot of money, and thirdly, it satisfies creative impulses.
So, I have altered an old sweater of mine and turned it into a summer cardigan:

Then, I made a kimono, which was in the back of my head for ages. This one is not upcycled, but sewn from scratch. I only had to get some nice lace for the sleeves and bottom seam. Mission accomplished:

I also made alterations to an old linen blouse, which I never wore because it was so boring:

Then, I "dressed" another notebook to go with my purse and pen holder and made bags (but didn't take pictures before giving them away...)...

 And, I found this lovely dragonfly pattern on pinterest and I just had to try it myself. Isn't this the cutest? A couple of these would make a lovely wallhanging...

So, no lazy here... how about you? Any comments?

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