Samstag, 27. April 2013

DIY kitchen towels

Do you also despair with kitchen hand towels that seem to get misplaced all the time? Well, so do I. When I cook or bake, I often wash my hands and accordingly, often need a towel nearby. For some reason, though, I'm misorganized enough to drop the towel after use in all sorts of places in the kitchen and the next time I need it, I need to look around, where it was dropped last...

On Pinterest I saw a great solution to the problem and a fabulous occasion to put my pretty new Kam Snap tool to work. I bought dollar-store hand towels and cut off the border. Then I gathered the terrycloth on one end as tight as I could, measured the width and sewed an attachment on. Kam Snaps completed the towels, which I can now easily hang on kitchen drawers pulls or the rail on the oven.


All in all, for three towels, it took me about 40 Minutes to makes these...

Here is the original source:

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