Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

Sewing room organization

After just watching Mary Fons' latest show on QUILTY (yes, despite being a "seasoned" quilter, I love to watch quirky Mary and her tips for quilt rookies), I thought about fabric organization and thought, maybe some of you might enjoy seeing how I store my fabrics and things.

When I buy new fabric, I fold it first lengthwise over my 6" ruler, making a bolt-like tube and then I fold it again over the 6" ruler to make a neat fat quarter bundle. These fit wonderfully into the IKEA Antonius shelves, folded edge up. They can be color- or theme-coordinated and an entire shelf can be taken out for cutting and neatly put back.
 (you can store up to three rows per wire shelf unit)

for travels or classes, I prefer plastic bins...
For small scraps I use little plastic boxes. Like most quilters, I use up everything and even minute pieces can be perfect for applique some day, when I need it...


 In my librarian's card catalogue, I store, among many other gadgets and notions, my quilt yarn
 or Turkish crochet yarn (for beading) etc....
Hope you like this and may be able to get this cheap storage system as well...
Greetings from the Rhine,

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