Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

Sewing the summer away....

The semester break comes to a close and I have not been blogging in quite a while. This is part due to many corrections I had to make on student exams, then my father had a stroke (he's doing much better already), but I have also been sewing up a storm...
Let's see what I made...
First, I made several book covers, such as these here. This one was commissioned by a fried for her on-train reading:

While this is one I made for my class U.S. history text book, which was showing first signs of wear:

I also made a number of bags such as this one for the tenth birthday of my neighbor's girl:

or this simple laptop carry bag from  a favorite denim shirt:

In early September, I was at a four-day quilt retreat with some friends of my guild and there I made little gadgets such as the cute tape measure piglet:
But what I enjoy the most is this new zipper bag for my applique tools and threads. It is soooo cool. Just see:
 Now. let's hope I'll get to finish some of my UFOs over the winter....

Greetings from the Rhine!

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