Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011


after months of delay, I have picked up my last block of my Civil War Bride quilt and appliquéd all on. But now the last dreaded step: 54 red apples to be appliquéd in between each leaf.. Uagh...

I had sewn on one already but wasn't happy, because it seemed clonky and wasn't really round. So, I made other plans, ebayed two bags with nearly 2000 buttons of varying sizes and shades all together and instead sewed 54 nice round shiny buttons on to my block.
 I have an added embellishment, multiple pleasing colors and perfectly round apples... I love 'em...
Now, I can whip them together and get started on the appliquéd borders.... So, a few more years and I should be done! Yeah!

Greetings from the Rhine,

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