Montag, 28. März 2011

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Today, I want to show my profile quilt in a little more detail. It is a quilt that came out of a "birthday block" challenge from 2001. In my local guild - we meet once a month - we decided to do a monthly project: Every participant could choose a patterns and, if needed, colors of choice and each one would make her a block for her birthday. I chose the Schoolhouse and preferred colors of red, white and blue. I had not specified for a size and - in consequence - got many differently sized blocks when it was my turn. They were just beautiful. Some paper-pieced, others machine appliquéd, and each house was different... Here are three examples:

However, I had NO idea how to assemble all of these differently sized blocksand delayed making the quilt. Several other quilts later, I pulled my blocks out again when we got together for a quilt retreat weekend and my plan was easy enough now: find the biggest block and add to all others until they all are that size... So, I added lawns, and streets, and walls and fences and I appliquéd in some children from some material with whimsical 1950s scenes, added the borders and machine quilted the piece. I love it so much. The blocks are so bright and cheerful, the appliquéd designs add sparkle and interest and it is a very fond memory of my quilt friends (some of which are not even among us any longer. I will remember them through the quilt!

And I love the striped thin border and binding. It just adds the sparkle it needed...

Greetings from the Rhine,

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  1. Your quilt turned out magnificently!! I love house blocks but have never made a house quilt with such a variety of blocks. That was a very challenging project and you were so successful in how you got it together. Congratulations!!