Montag, 21. März 2011

My Bride is growing again...

I have picked up work on my bride quilt again...
My second last block isn't quite finished, yet, because I still need to stitch in the birds' feet (to appliqué them was just too much of a headache for me), however, this is what it looks like:
I am still preparing my last block, which I have, yet again, altered from the original. In the original block, the two horses are on top and underneath one can see Hannibal the elefant with his trainer. Although the elefant looks cute, I really didn't want it in my shortcut version to the quilt and thus coupled the horses (which are quite appropriate as the town I live in can be translated to "horse town") with a tree. I will add red berries/fruit/apples in between each of the leaves.

And, since I now have all the sixteen blocks I wanted to make, I couldn't resist arranging them for a first time together:

When I'm done stitching the blocks, I'll have to appliqué the borders (not to mention to handquilt the sucker)... So, there's no reason to jubilate, yet. But I really like the results so far...

Greetings from the Rhine,

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  1. I see you are also doing the CWB quilt, so I'm following your block. Love your style.