Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

Happy New Year - Readers of the World...

Happy New Year!

I'm about done hibernating... Classes begin again tomorrow and I found a little time to make another bag for my Kindle e-reader. This one is rather a pouch to have my Kindle easily accessible during exams or whenever I have a few minutes to spare to read a few "pages."

I used the bottom of the leg of an old pair of jeans, which I turned upside down to use the bottom seam as the top opening. I attached a lash to wear on a belt and I attached two D-rings so I can also attach a short chain. If I pull the chain through two belt straps, it hangs very conveniently upon the hip. If I use a long chain, I can wear it like a regular purse. A magnetic snap and an extra jeans bag to hold extras completes the picture. Naturally it is padded and lined as well...

I am also beginning to appliqué on my Civil War Bride Quilt again after about two months of rather slack performance in that field.... After all, I only have one and a half more blocks to go and then make the elaborate sashing/outside blocks...


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