Montag, 29. November 2010

Kindle Case

Today, I used a couple of extra hours to sew a new case for my Kindle. I had a machine quilted piece on which I had practiced machine quilting feathers, which I rather liked, so I decided to use it.
The case opened up. The two and a half inches on the left are sewn together to form a pouch for extras.

I already own a leather case for my Kindle, which opens to the left like a book cover. However, with much use, the leather gets rather soft and I don't want to get it all gross, so I decided to make this case rather like a flipbook to open toward the top.

SInce I didn't feel like wasting the top of the already quilted material, I decided to leave it on so I have an extra pouch for the light or the USB cable...

and, if a hard cardboard is inserted into the top flap, it can stand on its own...

Wide rubber bands tight in the corners hold the Kindle fast in the sleeve.

And behind each back is a soft pouch, in which a notepad and a pen or anything flat could be stuffed.

Et violá... Greetings!

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