Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010

First Quilt Show

I have given four of my quilts to be displayed at the German Quilt Guild's Show at the Kreativa quilt and hobby fair this weekend. Unfortunately, I have little time and might not even attend myself. Bummer - it would be so interesting to listen to what people say about my quilts... well, maybe Saturday or Sunday I'll be able to make some time...


  1. Good Luck! I hope you win something.

  2. Hi Marj,

    it's not a contest show but merely an exhibit. But, hey, maybe I'll win nevertheless. Metaphorically...

    ;o) Britta

  3. Britta, congrats on entering your work. That in itself is an accomplishment. Good luck to you.


  4. Oh you should go and see your quilts in that exhibition! It is so much fun to hear what other people say about your quilts - you will enjoy it !!

  5. Hi Quilthexle,

    I know, wouldn't it be fun? I should go, not get stressed out at the many booths shoppong for fabrics and beads and stuff but to enjoy the exhibit...

    and Bobbie, thanks. The exhibit is for the information of the German quilt guild and they'll have the national quilt guild meeting just across the Rhine from where I live next year, so I felt I need to support them a little in advance...

    Greetings from the Rhine,