Sonntag, 3. Oktober 2010


Although I'm still appliquéing on my Civil War Bride, I needed a little change and decided to put together and start quilting on my whitework quilt, which was begun a good year and a half ago. The sewing was a lot of fun and I enjoyed tremendously using old family laces, monograms and ribbons, handkerchiefs, and stuff which otherwise would spend most of the year in drawers and boxes - to pull those out and to make blocks for a big wallhanging so I can see these gems on a daily basis.
Naturally, my cats helped a lot during the entire process: During the basting
and in beginning to quilt with a hoop....
... which is why I decided to put the thing into my roller frame instead. That I can at least tilt when I'm not quilting, thus rendering it unusable as cat hammock...
Man, I love to handquilt.... Thanks to the project on Lisas quilt, I was reminded of this love which made me want to get back to the whitework project...


  1. Oh yes - furry helpers busy at work ;-)) That's a wonderful quilt you'r working on, looking forward to see it finished ;-)) Is that a complete shirt collar in the middle of the picture ???

  2. Hi Frauke,

    yes indeed, it is a shirt collar with a "Vatermörderkragen" (transl. "father-killing collar"). It's not a real one but taken from a blouse I wore to my brother's church confirmation back in the seventies.... I thought with the little pleats it works so well in midst of the laces, doilies, chintzes and stuff, so I whipped it in there for fun. I was planning on making a wall hanging from the onset anyway, so - why not? Glad you like it!

    ;o) Britta

  3. Hi Britta,

    that's definetly an eye-catcher - great idea!

    Take care,

  4. hi Britta,
    wow,a wondeful quilt..I love it