Donnerstag, 5. August 2010

Film Quilt Challenge 2008

Today, I want to show a few blocks I made for my quilt guild friends. In 2007, several women of my guild planned to endeavour on a different project for 2008. Each woman participating was to pick her favorite motion picture, buy the DVD, make a first block and then attach it to a gridded background fleece. Then she was to pack it along with the DVD, a few fabrics she'd like to be used, and a booklet  (which contained thoughts on the film, basic instructions of which colors she liked, which she would like to avoid, and what kind of filler blocks she would like) into a box, which was then passed to the next person at each monthly meeting. So, each of us had a different box each month, making a block for the other's film quilts. All quilts but one were figurative and appliqué blocks, only one wanted a sampler quilt with traditional blocks. Here are my results...
This is my starter block, which I have shown before: I chose "The Wizard of Oz"
My block shows Dorothy along with the Tin Man, the Lion, and the Scarecrow on their way to the Emerald City after they have been "drugged" in the poppy field. I really enjoyed making the block and loved the freedom of using different materials than usual cotton. So, the lion has fur, the tin man is made of a shiny silvery material and the scarecrow has strands of straw (wool) coming out of his suit.
The next quilt I worked on was Gaby's "The Return of the Mummy." I chose to make an Osiris-kind of hieroglyph
The next quilt was Ulla's "Finding Nemo." Most others had made all sorts of fishes, so I decided to do the funny turtle instead
I just love how he chats good-humoredly with Nemo's dad and Dory... Next was Silke's "A Room with a View." In this case, I loved the cute little old lady in the Florentine hotel. I chose a scene when she  - recalling her young love - wears a strand of periwinkle-blue flowers around her neck:
Irma's "Dances with Wolves" was great fun, too. I chose to depict Kicking Bird, the Native American friend of the hero, whose dress features of course leather embellishments and a real feathered crown...
Margit wanted "Out of Africa"-blocks and voilà, again I depicted a character otherwise often overlooked, the Kikuyo chief, who proudly carries around his huge black umbrella
Naturally, he also has beads and pearl embellishments. Two more follow, Marika wanted blocks for "Balzak and the Little Chinese Seamstress." This time I employed a bubble-jet image of the heroine and put her in an abstracted block with metallic Chinese letters and Gingko leaves
The last block was Claudia's. Claudia chose "From Moscow with Love" from the James Bond-series. Her specifications were to use only black and white, greys and red... So, I came up with the flashy belly dancer at the gipsy's in Istanbul. Bond is again bubble jet printed and I had lots of fun with the many three-dimensional embellishments on the dancer:
Most of the quilts still wait for being put together, unfortunately, but maybe an exhibit next year will get us to the finish the task...
Keep your fingers crossed...


  1. Ihre Quilt-Arbeit finde ich toll. Das Bride-Quilt ist super! Ich habe Lust, auch welches to machen... aber jetzt noch nicht!

  2. Hi Beth,

    vielen Dank! Ich kann nur raten: machen Sie den Quilt - es macht soooo viel Spass! Und - ich freue mich sogar schon aufs handquilten des guten Stücks... Wirklich, es ist ein toller Quilt und wenn man bei dem Quiltblog zum Civil War Bride Quilt mitmacht, wird man ganz toll motiviert. Ich helfe gerne mit Rat und Tips, wenn es so weit ist...


  3. Vielen Dank fuer den Rat! Gibt es ein Buch mit dem Pattern oder was?

  4. Ich habe das Muster bei Susanne Froeschle gekauft (,F). Ist auf englisch und leider nicht ganz billig, aber ich finde, es lohnt...